Our Story

Established in 2015, GOR Woollen Mill is owned and operated by Isabel and Nick, with the aim of creating the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly yarns in the world.

Using only natural fibres such as superfine merino, suri and huacaya alpaca as well as some linen and cotton, they have been able to create a range of beautiful yarns and knitwear that is not only amazingly soft but is also100% Australian (except for the Linen). All the yarns are made on-site by Isabel and Nick, are totally traceable, sustainable and the only yarns made in Australia to be certified by Ethical Clothing Australia.

For Isabel and Nick, words like sustainable, ethical, Australian made aren’t marketing tools, or used for “green washing”, they are just a way of life. Using rainwater and a low phosphate detergent for washing alpaca, using solar power, sourcing local fibre, and mostly natural colours, aren’t something they do just to make us feel good, they are just sensible and sustainable practices.

By using these yarns you support Australian farmers, Australian businesses and keep the skills, the traditions and the history of this wonderful industry alive.