Deva yarn 8ply/ DK - polwarth suri blend (limited!)

Deva yarn 8ply/ DK - polwarth suri blend (limited!)

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Ready for pre-order. Ready to be shipped on Monday 6th May.

This yarn has been created using black coloured suri and naturally dark coloured polwarth from Tarndie. Please note there is vegetable matter (grass seeds) in the yarn

Batch: This is a limited edition only batch and cannot be repeated due to breeding changes at Tarndie. 

Please ensure you buy suffient yarn for your project!

Composition: 70% polwarth and 30% black suri

Weight: ~100g

Length: ~210m

Construction: 3 strand

WASHING: Please make sure that you knit/ crochet, wash and block a square to ensure that the square meets the gauge for your projects. Our yarns can shrink due to the minimal processing.

Please wash in cold water, don’t agitate, use a wool wash and dry flat.